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Initiate and implement effective strategies that promote philanthropy in Communities of Color.


Black-led nonprofit organizations are funded equitably and fairly, and have achieved long-term sustainability.


  • Advocating for Equity in Funding
  • Creating Giving Opportunities through Community Partners Giving Circle
  • Developing Capacity through Equitable Funding
  • Encouraging Business Support of Black-led Philanthropic Initiative
  • Establishing Sustainability through Equitable Funding
  • Generating Community Support through Collaboration
  • Normalizing Giving to Black-led Organizations


In 2004, Louisiana Session on Black Philanthropy met during Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations conference and the session was facilitated by Sharon Walker McCall of Resource and Fund Development, LLC

Participants of Louisiana Session on Black Philanthropy were divided into 3 groups – New Orleans, Baton Rouge and a group that consisted of rural community representatives.  Participants discussed barriers to implementing a Black Philanthropic Initiative in Louisiana, and participants brainstormed and developed strategies.  Participants agreed to serve on task forces in their respective communities. Also, if Black Philanthropic Initiatives were spearheaded by Black leadership, task force members agreed that the effort would be more effective.

The following were identified as barriers to implementing a Black Philanthropic Initiative in Louisiana by task force members:
Organized Effort
Lack of Access
Trust and Commitment
Traditional Research

Due to amount of time allotted for Louisiana Session, participants were not able to address all identified barriers, and task force members selected and focused on 3 barriers, Education, Threats, and Lack of Access, and developed solutions to barriers, which follow:

Education Barriers
Solution to Barriers: Provide series of educational sessions and suggested topics include:
*Meaning of philanthropy and historical examples of philanthropy in Black communities
*Capacity and ability to give
*Giving as an investment in our communities and position impact of giving (social outcomes) as a return on investment
*Importance of Black philanthropy in Black communities

Solution to Barrier: Identify methods to educate and reach targeted groups, for example:
*Work with groups that represent critical masses, including professional groups, fraternities and sororities
*Produce a traveling exhibit and tool kit for urban and rural communities

Solution to Barrier: Share family traditions and stories
*Encourage adults to teach their children about philanthropy by relating stories that document their legacies and family traditions of philanthropy

Solution to Barrier: Educate youth
*Provide opportunities for participation in philanthropic process (make decisions about funding in their communities) and volunteer opportunities

Solution to Barrier: Educate elderly about wills and estate planning

Solution to Barriers: Form alliance with ministers
*Ask ministers for support
*Publicize current success stories to create synergy
*Bring constituents of different interests together

Rural Community Barriers
Solution to Barrier: Emphasize Traditions
*Less educated population than in metropolitan areas
*Lack of commercial black-owned businesses

Strategies for implementing a Black Philanthropic Initiative in rural communities overlapped with strategies for metropolitan areas, such as providing education; however, emphasis was placed on choosing appropriate vehicle or mechanism for the process.  Participants felt that a Black Philanthropic Initiative would be effective in reaching individuals at gatherings, such as celebrations.

Suggested Themes:
Preserving the Past
Give to Grow
Spirit of Benevolence

Black Philanthropy Task Force Founding Members

New Orleans
Celu Bering
Samantha Bickham
Tonka Hudson-Foster
Christine Jordan
Ivette Smythe-Macaulay
Sheila J. Webb

Baton Rouge
Vallerie Maurice
Mayo Brew Sr.
Pat Robinson
Jennifer Eplett Reilly
Mandy W. Green
Norma Reed
Willie Lloyd
Lolita Rochon
Marjorie A. Green
Valerie Jackson Jones 
Rev. Marilyn Thornton
Ayana McHenry
Betty Guerin
Rev. Marjorie Thomas
Ronnie Edwards
Sharon Johnson
Ashley Shelton
Charlette Byrd
Lee T. Wesley Shantelle C. Perkins

Rural Communities
Dr. Martis Jones
Byron Marshall
Patricia Jackson

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