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Stewart Quincy McCall

Traditions of philanthropy in African American communities may not be as well known among current generations; however, upon freedom, our enslaved ancestors engaged in philanthropy – building churches and schools, donating land for newly established communities, and pooling their meager resources to establish mutual giving societies. Giving was as natural to our ancestors as the rhythm of music or colors in a sky. Many of us are familiar with tithing to our churches! But, it seems that some African Americans are not as familiar with giving outside of the church, or historical knowledge of African American philanthropists, or how philanthropy can benefit our communities as a whole.

If philanthropy is a tool used by OTHER people from outside of African American communities to create change within African American communities, why can’t African Americans create change for ourselves?  Coming together can give African Americans greater impact and visibility, and a broader base from which to leverage their power with funders.

Community Partners was organized to initiate, implement and promote effective strategies of philanthropy in Communities of Color, and support organizations that were founded by or more than 51% of their boards are comprised of African Americans. It is not our endeavor to dictate which nonprofit organizations to support, but to identify nonprofit organizations that are in good standing and meet operating standards, and encourage each of you: 1. to become a PARTNER with organizations of your choice; and/or 2. give through one of COMMUNITY PARTNERS’ fund-raising campaigns, which is earmarked for us, organized by us and managed by us!


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