“Building Philanthropy in Communities of African American Descent”

Who is a Philanthropist?

phi·lan·thro·pist (fəˈlanTHrəpəst )

Some people may think a philanthropist is a wealthy white man in a seer-sucker suit, wearing a panama straw hat or a wealthy white woman, wearing strings of pearls with perfectly coifed hair. Often, these are images that some people have of philanthropists. However, anyone who is willing to give can become a philanthropist; whether it is time or money! Subsequently, all of us can become a philanthropist! Above all, there are many ways that you can support your community! Most importantly, Community Partners can help you on your journey to becoming a Philanthropist!

Giving as a Collective

Many of us have pondered: How can we address social challenges that are present in many low socio-economic African American communities? However, as individuals that can be difficult. As a collective, we can address social challenges. Participating in a mechanism, a Giving Circle, can impact lives now and for future generations! To become a member of or make monthly contributions to Community Partners Giving Circle, click on the following link.

Is my giving limited to Louisiana? As a philanthropist, you care deeply about your community. Ultimately, you may want to designate funds to your community. Perhaps, you want to support projects or programs that are regional, state-wide, or even national Black-led charitable organizations. Funds can support any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the country, including churches and colleges. Our team collaborates across our state and USA, receiving recommendations of Black-led organizations that are providing great services, and meeting accountability and transparency guidelines. If you would like assistance in supporting a specific Black-led charitable organization, please contact us: info@community-partners.org.

In addition, for more information on joining or starting a Giving Circle in your community, visit Black Giving 365, or email us: info@community-partners.org.


Get started today!

It is very easy to get started!

Contact Tina Sumler, Secretary, at (225) 228-5544 or email us: info@community-partners.org or schedule an appointment to arrange a phone meeting and discuss financial benefits or tax deductions or financial accountability and transparency policies.